Holiday Gathering

Holiday Gathering

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Family holiday gathering on (19th Street, Wyandotte). Seated from left Grandpa (Gerard) Floersch, standing Dorothy & Harold Floersch, Marion (Mami) Duva, Kathleen (Kitty), seated Gerard Floersch Jr., Michael Floersch (on lap), Armand (Arnie) Floersch, Grandma (Florence) Floersch, seated on floor David Floersch holding cousin Carole Floersch (about 2 years old).

Sadly in (1954) Gerard and Florence were suddenly taken from the family in a car accident in Iowa. Arnie (Armand) was home alone when the police came to the house to inform the family of the tragedy. One of the siblings was on their honeymoon, another serving in the military at the time.

Grandpa Gerard drove to work every day past a cemetery monument builder, and spoke of having a family stone at his gravesite one day. The family recalled this and erected a stone in his honor. See Holy Sepulchre cemetery. (add photo)

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